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Taught and trained primarily as a Graphic Designer Lloyd has also become an accomplished Artist following a desire for creativity and the freedom of self expression.

lloyd mitchell cornish artist

Working with the idea of atmosphere & emotion conceptualised visually.


Lloyds' paintings often convey power struggles of light meeting dark. Mysticism enveloping the real world. Creating a Magical Realism within his paintings interwoven with visual prowess.

lloyd mitchell artist painting wave

Born and living in Cornwall Lloyd takes inspiration from the landscape that surrounds him. Tales of folklore and the music that interweaves and invigorates his environment can often be seen to manifest within his paintings. 

artist lloyd mitchell paintings

Lloyd prefers to work from the mind and rarely produces art from source images.


Instead preferring to work intuitively step by step letting the painting take its own direction along the creative process.

"...there are modern aspects to my work, there are surreal aspects, there are fantasy aspects,'s all just me"

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