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lloyd mitchell art paintings.jpg


"Art is escapism & Lloyds’ work honours this maxim to the fullest"


Providing an oculus to ethereal realms. Lloyds’ Art is an encapsulation of sensory experience, interpretation and personal expression. Kaleidoscopic colours combine with synthesis of the accepted and surreal. Playfully balancing light with dark. Colour with shade and mysticism enshrouding the real world.

"I think as human beings we are by nature both light and darkness. Whereas many may repress the darkness I see it as a passage. A part of ourselves to face, embrace, integrate and journey through in order to reach our full potential as individuals." 

Hued Sunset Lloyd Mitchell art_edited.jpg
idyllic Lloyd Mitchell art_edited.jpg
dueling light Lloyd Mitchell art_edited.jpg
blue haze Lloyd Mitchell art_edited.jpg


An original painting is a treasure. It's texture and presence is something that can't be replicated.


Well presented, varnished and ready to be hung straight onto a surface.



Specialist pieces or commissioned paintings are always welcome. Crafted to an individuals requirements and created to specific ideas. 


Please contact Lloyd to discuss the project in depth.

Giclee Archival


Printed as Archival Giclee Prints to last the test of time. These prints are anti fade and printed using only specialist inks and presses.


Prints may vary in size to the original.



Gift cards for all different occasions. Perhaps you could also purchase to frame as a small print or as a gift in itself.

St michaels Mount - lloyd mitchell paini
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lloyd mitchell art paintings cornwall

We are what we think...

All that we are arises with our thoughts,

with our thoughts we make the world

mysitcal paintings cornwall lloyd mitchell art


crafting custom beauty

Commissions are a unique thing, they should reflect the brief outlined as well as the individual creating it. Creating something of beauty for an individual means set parameters must be decided by all parties involved from the start of the project to make sure the outcome is exactly what the customer wants. If you'd like to commission a Painting, piece of Art or any Design work please get in touch with Lloyd for a consultation. 

Commissioned Paintings
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